Is It Legal To Build A Bunker?

A bunker was first used during World War I, World War II, and the Cold War as a storage facility and it was also used as a defensive fortification to protect the people and their important belongings from the attacks and bombing of their enemies. Bunkers are made usually underground in a way that is too different from those blockhouses built above the ground. The word originates as a Scots word for bench or seat, and as time passes by, it was popularized with sleeping berth.

Is it legal to build a bunker? Yes, but building a bunker, especially in America, will require you to have an essential permit. However, the permit sometimes depends on what state you are from. The permits you need include blueprints, floor plans, technicalities, and the like.

Upon completely reading this article, you will realize that building a bunker is one serious thing,  just like building your house. I will also include some of the reasons why people build a bunker in this short read. Better check it out.

Reasons Why People Build Bunker

Since it was first introduced in the War, most people have seen the importance of having a bunker. If you have vast space enough to build a bunker, why not right? Building a bunker depends on people’s reasons and how it will benefit them.

Bunker As A Safe Haven

As time passes by, most people have one understanding when they see a bunker. That in case of emergency, it will be their future haven let’s say when war occurs. People who have enough space and would want to maximize the space they have to tend to build bunker underground. And if they are making it for the sake of the safety of every family member, it should be carefully planned and executed.

Make sure that the haven underground your making is strong enough to face any disaster like a tornado, storms, and any other natural risks. That is why, before building a bunker, it needs some permits because the government would make sure that it will not risks lives in the future.


Basically, a bunker was first created when war was happening, and one reason is that they can store their guns, bombs, and foods. It also served as their quarters and first aid room, particularly to those who have been hurt during the war. They also used this as their data storage, mining sites, food storage areas, and dumps for materials, and this was called the typical industrial bunker.


To summarize, every people wouldn’t want the safety of their family members to be at stake. That’s why they build a bunker. Previous events made them realize that though building a bunker may be risky. It is still useful. For this reason, you should seek professional’s advise before building a bunker, so there are no lives will be at stake. Though securing permits are stressful, it is still better to think that it will not just benefit you, but others live too.

What Does SHTF Mean?

An acronym has the purpose of shortening the word or a sentence. Most of the time, connective ‘and’ or ‘of’ is not necessarily included in the abbreviation. Sometimes the newly combined letters are formed into new words that became part of the everyday language.

What does SHTF mean? SHTF stands for “Shit Hit The Fan” or “Stuff Hits The Fan.” It means that something terrible happens especially through natural disasters, catastrophic or emergency events.

As you read on, you will learn how deep is the SHTF word mean to most of the people.

S.H.T.F Scenarios

No matter how well you prepared and convinced yourselves of how you should handle things when SHTF occurs, it still not enough. Different scenarios have been listed that will test your preparedness for the situation. These SHTF scenarios are what most of the people prepared themselves for:

  1. Flooding
  2. Earthquakes
  3. Financial Crisis
  4. Pandemic
  5. Hurricanes
  6. Drought
  7. Terrorist attacks
  8. Volcano Eruptions

It is easy to say that whenever one of these scenarios occur, you’ve prepared enough and brief yourself that you are most likely to survive. These SHTF scenarios come when you least expect it. No one can predict when it will happen. So when it happens, remember that there’s no one that you can lean on but yourself.

Problems When SHTF Situation Occurs

SHTF scenarios may appear manageable to others, but worst comes worst when it is not handled correctly. To be able to have control with the SHTF situations, make sure that you won’t be able to encounter one of these problems.

  1. Communications – this is important, especially when you are experiencing SHTF situations. To survive and keep yourself safe, make sure that you have enough information on what’s happening around you. With this, at least it will help you track when it will happen or if things are getting better at least. Be prepared, get all the means to communicate and in case your phone no longer works think of other means how to communicate.
  2. Safety and Security – it is sad to say that during an SHTF situation, it brings out the bad in people, even the kindest that you know. Just because you have prepared for an SHTF scenario doesn’t mean that you are already safe. Some people would want your supplies desperately, and because of that, they will take desperate action. Always take extra precautionary actions and be mindful of people and make sure that the people whom you shared the info with can be trusted.
  3. Health – we know that when an SHTF situation occurs, the first thing that may suffer is your health. With all the stress and physical demands on your body, always remember that in times like this, your health shouldn’t suffer. Because no one else will help you get through this but yourself, so when you feel like taking a nap and eating lots of food, don’t limit yourself.


Overall, this article teaches us what S.H.T.F means. Many would think that this is just a simple acronym but its not. Though Shit Hits The Fan sounds simple to others, some take it as their preventive measures to be always prepared when things come worst. And although you prepared enough when bad scenarios happen, remember that without your focus, you won’t be able to survive it. Take note that no matter how prepared you are, without your 100% focus, your rate of survival is low.