What Is The Doomsday Clock?

Doomsday Clock has been a metaphor for man-made international catastrophe for over 70 years now. It could lead us to the destruction of the entire humanity. Well, it is about to get real, as you need to get ready for an impending catastrophe. The clock has advanced to 100 seconds before midnight. It means that humanity is getting near to self-destruction at any time.

What is the doomsday clock? The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist designed the Doomsday Clock. It serves as a warning to the public on how near we are to destroying the planet.

In this article, you will learn all about the doomsday clock and what its purpose is.

The Doomsday Clock

A Doomsday clock is not a physical clock. It is run by a group of people called Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The clock was initially created back in 1947 after humanity entered the Nuclear age.

The bulletin was first established by a group of scientists and engineers who joined the Manhattan Project. They developed weapons used in that era. The symbolic clock was first set 7 minutes to midnight.

The bulletins consider different factors like climate change, nuclear war, and other related cyber warfare. It includes some political responses to the threats that will determine the level and how vulnerable the world will be in a catastrophe.

All of these factors will decide if the doomsday clock’s hand is moving closer or farther to midnight—a time where it means that it will be the end of the world.

The bulletin announced that this year the hands moved forward 20 seconds due to a lot of threats like climate change and the possibility of nuclear war.

Who Created The Doomsday Clock And When?

For starters, the Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. They are a group of University of Chicago scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project. They helped develop the world’s first atomic weapons.

Every year, the bulletin Board of Sponsors and Science and Security Board decide whether to move the clock’s hands or not. All the Board of Sponsors includes 13 Nobel Laureates. They are scientists who excel in the branch of Physics and Chemistry.

When Was It Closest and Farthest Away?

The clock was set initially by Martyl Langsdorf at seven minutes to midnight. He initially thought that setting it up like that will be pleasing to his eyes. The clock first made its move to three minutes to midnight in 1949 after the Soviet Union tested an atomic bomb.

The Doomsday Clock reached its farthest point back in 1991, where it is 17 minutes from midnight. It is because it was the time where the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty was signed by the United States and the Soviet Union.


Overall, a Doomsday clock is one of the rarest things available to a lot of scientists. It is one of the most recognizable tools that are easy to understand by a commoner.

Perhaps it will be subjective to show different interpretations of the clock, whether it is moving closest or farthest. Hopefully, with proper planning and caution, it will be the answer to myopia and catastrophism.

What Do Survivalists Do?

Survivalism tackles the preparedness of an individual to a particular disaster or emergency that people might face. It is critical to start preparing yourself because if you wait until you need it, you see that it is already too late.

What do survivalists do? Survivalists stockpile food, water, and prepare to become self-sufficient. They build survival retreats and underground shelters that can help them to survive a natural disaster or emergency.

In this article, you will learn about what survivalists are, including what they do and the things they believe. This way, you can understand the reason why prepping is important. I will also discuss the popularity of prepping in the latter part of this article.

Defining Survivalists

Many people asks about what do survivalists do. But no one can provide an easy answer for it. Survivalism has so many aspects, and it can take in different forms. It is interpreted in many ways, and it always different from everyone.

For starters, survivalism is an internal stature of being that usually revolves around faith, wisdom, patriotism, and knowledge. These people are the ones who hold accountability over their minds, soul, and body.

Common sense and taking responsibility are imprinted in their virtue in life, and they crave knowledge and experience more than anything.

Survivalists can be categorized into two distinct groups. The first group is the ones who are concerned about the preservation of the planet, and the second group is the ones who are preparing for the end of the world.

Some characteristics fit in both groups though they have their definition of survivalism. One might say it is a lifestyle govern by principles and goals towards personal improvement.

Protection Strategies

It is no secret that most survivalists are finding ways to save themselves during tough times. Some people even go beyond to ensure their family and loved ones will be safe. This kind of behavior is quite wide as a person can go from mild to an extreme length to survive.

An excellent example of this is a lot of preppers invest in building an underground bunker for their safety. Others develop their homes sturdy enough that can sustain gas and other harmful toxins to withstanding different calamities.

A survivalist will follow different protection strategies to make sure they are safe, and their family is away from any harm.

Sustainable Living

Survivalists practice sustainable living. It is the most common concept of survivalism. You’ll notice that they continuously find ways to reduce carbon footprint. They will practice passive energy systems, utilize organic farming, and will minimize petroleum usage.

They try to live their life as sustainable as possible and in a feasible way.

They also try to avoid technology and trying to go off-grid. Some people referred to them as tree huggers or naturalists. They always strike to live their best life as sustainable as possible to make the world a better place to live in.

Stockpiling Goods

Every survivalist shared one common trait, and that is they are obsessed with food storage. A lot of them already stored freshwater supplies, emergency items, and different medications.

A prepper will have to prepare for months in the event of long term emergencies and disasters. Because survivalists are known to be frugal, they try to avoid debt and overspending, and some even stockpile on hard cash.

Since they practice sustainable living, they also prepared some freeze-dried foods. It also includes the use of the generator and solar-powered machinery. Another thing is gardening and farming.

Some preppers have their very own garden or farm where they grow their own foods. They try to educate children on how to live off the land like the earlier people in this country.

They also take care of cows for milk, chicken for eggs, and other animals for meat consumption though the majority of survivalists are considered vegan.

Doing Good And Spreading Love

Survivalists have firm faith, and they walk in light and love. If you are considered to be survivalists, you shut off all fears and accept the inevitable that there is a danger coming.

They use their common sense in a way to thrive in their surroundings, and they stand up for what they believe in. Fundamental rights and freedom are their sole virtue in life.

They have an understanding that no one is immune to the imminent danger. It does not mean they are soft and weak, and most survivalists are ready at a moment’s notice to protect, defend, and sustain.

Prepping Popularity

A lot of survivalists think that the system of debt and government reliance doesn’t last forever. They believe that only a short time is left before everything crumbles, and it is not going to be pretty when that happens. When it comes down to it, you are in danger, and you need to deal with a lot of host of threats. And many of which a lot of people have never considered or properly prepared for.

It is why survivalism has got a lot of popularity lately. Mainly because people now more than anything realizes that it is important to be prepared at all costs. You cannot depend on the government all the time. The choice is pretty simple.

You can start it now and learn how to live a self-reliant lifestyle. It is beneficial not only for yourself but also for your loved ones.


Survivalism consists of three essential elements, the survival mindset, preparation of materials, and skill assessment, and acquisition. Having all of these three significant elements can help you adequately prepared for the inevitable crisis downfall.

As an individual, you need to know how to assess the situation. From there, create a solid plan on how to prepare for them.

Once you have a proper mindset, you can start with your materials gathering and find out which is your greatest skill. It is the perfect attitude towards being a survivalist. It is not easy, but with proper knowledge and guidance, you will become the best prepper.

What Does It Mean To Be A Prepper?

Preppers already have a bad rep when it comes to media overexploiting their bizarre doings. But this is not a realistic story because real preppers are way better and quite different from Doomsday preppers. Preppers are only preparing for a time when life can get pretty challenging.

What does it mean to be a prepper? A prepper is a person who believes that such calamities and emergency is inevitable. Hence, they want to prepare as much as they can during this time for a higher chance of survival.

In this short read, you will understand what exactly preppers do and how they are relevant in this socio-political climate.

What Exactly Is A Prepper?

A prepper is an individual who has the knowledge and insights to see the future and prepare for the possibility that it can affect their way of living.

These people enhance their skills and knowledge, forage their supplies, and form a community that can work together and reaps its benefits. They make a plan that will prepare for the inevitable while also enjoying their current life.

Not Preparing For Only One Catastrophic Event

Some preppers prepare for the end of the word or a zombie apocalypse while others are just getting ready to take care of their loved ones when a disaster happened. Proper planning and anticipating any possible risk can reduce the effect that can occur in your life.

Most common preppers are only preparing for such natural calamities, power outages, and some financial challenges, and they are self-reliant.

Reasons Why You Should Be A Prepper

Being a prepper not only can give you an ample amount of knowledge and skill. But it can also save you from the danger such calamity can bring. There are several reasons and benefits why you should become a prepper.

Embracing The Motto “Be Prepared”

Being prepared is the state of mind where you are considered to be in a state of readiness. It is commonly used by Scouts to encourage and be prepared at all times.

They are always encouraged to think about possible situations beforehand and then draft some plans of what to do. Preppers embrace this concept as it taught young children to be prepared at all costs.

It can lead them to recognize the concept of danger and be ready to take care of themselves when challenges come their way.

Prepping Makes Life Easier

Life is full of mystery, and it can get pretty stressful. When you are prepared, it can get less stressful. When you have stock your storage or pantry, you can always cook a meal or have your favorite snack to nibble on.

Prepping means you don’t have to go often to any supermarkets, allowing more time for yourself.


Overall, preppers are smart people, and they are not motivated by their fear but their wisdom. They see the future and always know that there is an inevitable instance. Then they take reasonable steps to prepare for those challenges.

Do Gas Masks Protect Against Radiation?

Radiation is considered to be among the most harmful types of energy for humankind. With low levels of radiation, your body can still survive. But for higher levels, you might need a gas mask to protect your lungs. It works by filtering the radioactive particles so it won’t have to reach your respiratory system.

Do gas masks protect against radiation? Yes. For higher levels of radiation, a gas mask is your only way to protect your lungs from the radioactive particles though a gas mask alone won’t be able to stop the radiation.

In this short read, you will have an understanding of how the gas mask works.

Gas Mask As A Protection

When exposed to radiation, you’re counting your days to live. It is going to irradicate from the inside of a person’s body. These radioactive particles tend to stick to your lungs or even in your blood, and they continuously damage the immune system. As a result, you will experience lung failure, and you might end up dead.

For this reason, it is important to wear protection such as respirators or gas masks to prevent this from happening. A gas mask serves as a protection and allows the wearer to inhale radioactive particles. This particle will damage your lungs, but using a gas mak will filter the air that goes through the mask. It can clean and purify the air, so it is safe to be inhaled by the wearer.

The sealing of the mask is essential as it helps so that the face won’t get in contact with the radiation. This way, your eyes, and skin will remain untouched by the dangers of the radiation.

A gas mask won’t work properly if it does not have proper filters. Always make sure to check your filters and make sure they are not clogged. This way, you can use the mask freely against the dangers of radiation. All filters can last at least 5 to 10 years, and they can last up to 50 hours of continuous usage.

You should keep this in mind during a radiation outbreak. The best gas masks for radiation are CDR 4500 Elite Gas Mask, 3M Full-Facepiece Respirator, and ERB Safety 13561 3M.

How Long Can You Put A Gas Mask On?

When it comes to longevity, a gas mask is not for long-term living. It is only advisable to wear a gas mask for 3 to 4 hours, and then you need to change its filter. Knowing how to change the filter and put the mask on and off requires specific skills and knowledge. It is because you are risking your health condition if you mishandled it.


When it comes to dealing with radiation, it is vital to be well-informed and always be prepared. A gas mask might be helpful, but it does not change the fact that you are being exposed to it. Dealing with radiation is an extreme emergency and should not be taken lightly, especially when it comes to protection.

Having a gas mask is necessary for every person living in a radioactive environment. It is to secure a higher chance of survival.

How Long Can You Survive Without Food?

Food and water are essential to us humans to survive. We get nutrients from food to further developed our mental and physical capacity. And water helps us stay hydrated to function properly in our daily lives—various systems found in our bodywork thanks to the aid of a healthy food diet and water intake.

How long can you survive without food? A human can survive without food for more than three weeks. It can even extend up to 1 to 2 months.

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In this short read, you will understand how long a person can survive without food and how it will affect the body.

Average Time Without Food Consumption

If you are a person who weighs 70 kilograms, you can survive for 1 to 3 months without food consumption. It is because you have enough calories stored in your body.

But, there are instances where people deliberately stopped eating due to hunger strikes have died after 40 to 60 days. It means that it is unlikely that you will survive for three months.

Without any food intake, your body will generally shift and use your tissue to serve as fuel. It can only happen for a short period of time.

How It Affects The Body

Food serves as a body fuel to make sure that the body is properly working.

Cardiovascular System

When you stopped eating, the body breaks down the tissue that can act as a fuel. It includes all body muscles, including the heart. It will lead to a drop in pulse and blood pressure.

It is because the body does not have enough fuel to pump blood in and out of the heart across all body systems. It can lead to heart failure.

Gastrointestinal System

Stopping food intake can interfere with how the stomach works. It can lead to a lot of gastrointestinal complications such as bloating, stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, and bacterial infections. Without food, you are limiting the body to get enough nutrition that can also lead to constipation. It is because the muscle in the intestine starts to weaken, and they might not have enough strength to push the digested food.

Central Nervous System

Food starvation can affect your central nervous system, which is the brain itself. The brain consumes ⅕ of a person’s energy. Depriving food can lead to sleep issues and difficult to concentrate.

Endocrine System

The endocrine system needs fat and cholesterol to produce hormones. Without these hormones, there will be a significant impact when it comes to your body. Your bones will start to weaken, and the metabolic rate can drop drastically.


Human bodies are tough and can function for days, even without proper food and water. But there’s always a limitation when you prolonge food starvation. It is not healthy to practice this kind of behavior as you’re only making it worst.

Those who experience starvation should be monitored by a physician and need to follow up from time to time to avoid referring syndrome.

What Is The First Thing To Do When SHTF?

A lot of people in the world are reactive when it comes to emergency situations. This is so when it comes to SHTF (Shit Hit The Fan) disaster scenarios that may lead to the end of the world. Having proper survival gear and tactics won’t be enough. You need to know how to execute it and have a proper plan to overcome and survive in this situation.

What is the first thing to do when SHTF? First, find a safe spot. You need to make sure that you are in a secure location. And then try to contact your family and friends to know how they are doing. Then assess the situation, look for some clues, and observe the environment.

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In this short read, you will have an idea of what to do when SHTF hits you and your location.

SHTF Plan For Surviving Any Disaster

When a calamity strikes, it is going to be hard for a lot of people. But some people are smart and did their emergency planning. It gives them the edge and a higher chance of survival when such a disaster occurs.

Communicate With Loved Ones

Assuming you are in a safe place and good condition, the next thing you should be doing is trying to communicate with your loved ones. Walkie talkies in your home and vehicles will be your way of communication. Every SHTF plan should include a way to meet and communicate with your family and friends. After a disaster strike, all networks and signals will probably be down. It is essential to have a designated meeting place.

Assess The Situation

It is the part where you can use a ham radio together with the survival gear that you protected using EMP bags. Using all your equipment and tools, you need to gather as much as information possible with regards to the current situation. Know all possible evacuation centers, check the news if there’s a riot or commotion in the area, or if the water level is rising.

Observing the surrounding will also give you enough information about what happened. Check if all the houses have lost their power supplies, or if there’s any fire broken out. If you still have phone coverage, immediately communicate with the people you love and the authorities to let them know you are safe.

Decide Whether To Stay Or Go

A lot of preppers have already anticipated how the end of the world will be. Their common tactics will be to bug out in the wilderness until the chaos is over. Then go back to the city and rebuild their lives.

Realistically, it is recommended to stay at home, considering your home is still intact and no damage or whatsoever. Have enough supplies that can last for 2-3 months, and you will beat the odds.


Overall, the key to any disaster strike is to be prepared and have all the planning and knowledge appropriately executed. It is a vital skill to learn because not only will it save your life. It can also be beneficial for others. Remember to have a concrete plan and stick to it. Also, acquire enough supplies that can last for an extended period.

Things Preppers Forget

Disaster comes and goes, which is why it is important to be prepared at all times. You will never know when it will strike, and before you do, it is too late. The fact that we lived on a planet where a tornado, an earthquake, or a tropical storm can happen at any given time is gloomy and scary. Preparedness is your key to survival because stores won’t be open and won’t continue to operate during these hours.

There are so many things preppers forget when building their emergency kits. One of these is important documents, self-identification cards that will be useful for rescuers. Others are water, alternate power sources, a variety of medicines, not only the common ones, and hard cash in different denominations.

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Find out the things that preppers usually forget to bring during emergency kit planning below. It will allow you to avoid making the same mistake when prepping.

Things Preppers Often Forget To Their Emergency Kits

There is still a time when you think you are prepared and have enough food storage and emergency kits. And then all of a sudden, you missed it, and you have no other way to procure it.

It will leave a big inconvenience in your survival and can make your life miserable. Here are some of the items that you might have missed during preparation:

Laminated Personal Information Card

Most people have their personal identification of their family and friends on their mobile phones. But that becomes useless once you have zero battery charge, all that information won’t be accessible.

It is essential to have a laminated card with you with all the information about your family member. It includes home address, work address, and various phone numbers in a piece of paper.

Make sure to laminate it so it can be waterproof and keep it in a very secure area of your BOB. This laminated card will be useful for rescuers if they find you unconscious and not sure who to contact about your situation.

Water Bottles

It might be the obvious thing to prepare, but a lot of people forget it. It is mainly because it is pretty obvious and they think they won’t forget it. Also, preppers believe it is okay just to bring a couple of water bottles, and it will be enough.

It is not true. You need to have enough water to stay hydrated for an extended period.

Make sure that you have 1 gallon of water per person, which will be suitable for the whole day. Water isn’t only for hydration. It is also used as food preparation and proper hygienic needs. 

Portable Toilet

The good thing about the toilet is that they do not run on electricity. However, do not expect that the water supply will run forever. It won’t be the case if you are suffering from a pandemic or huge tropical storms.

If the water runs dry, the toilet won’t be any use anymore. It is why it is essential to have a portable plastic toilet ready in your emergency kit. It will be beneficial for preppers, especially if their home is destroyed and they have to be on the road for a while.

Alternative Power Source

Having a power outage is not fun, and it can be pretty annoying if it gets dark as you only have limited light in your surroundings. This kind of disruption can even last for a long time, depending on how the damage is.

You need to prepare a source of backup power. It doesn’t have to be a bulk machine generator. There are different portable generators which create power through solar panels.

It is one way to get enough power to survive within the night. Also, make sure you have enough power banks to charge your phones so you will be up to date with the news and weather report.

Wide Variety Of Medicine

Medicine is essential in all emergency kits, and you will never know when you need it, so it is vital to be in your possession. You cannot rely on 911 during a catastrophic event because they can’t simply respond to an overwhelming number of people in need. It is better if you ave a variety of medicine at your disposal to help yourself and your family if they get sick.

For medications that need a prescription, you might need to talk to your doctor about getting a month-long supply of medication that can last for an extended period.

Candles And Matches

One of the most overlooked items in preparedness kits are candles and matches. It is mainly because a lot of preppers are focused on getting flashlights and batteries in their kit. But it will not be forever, so it is vital to have a backup. Aside from that, a candle and some matches can also be used in cooking and other medical procedures.

Flashlights And Batteries

As soon as preppers compile and store all their emergency kits in a storage facility, they tend to forget that some of the items needed maintenance. Flashlight and batteries need some checking from time to time.

They can’t last for long, and sometimes batteries leak if poorly stored. Make sure to buy some extra bulbs and batteries. You need to have at least an ample amount of light sources when there is a power outage.

Reserve Funds

During such calamities, all banks won’t be accessible, and using a credit card or debit card will be difficult to buy some emergency necessities. It is why it is essential to have hard cash ready so you can buy them.

Store them in your home or if you have a safe locker in the house. You won’t be able to get your money in the bank, so it will be smart to have a couple of cash in your home.


Whether you’re a smart prepper or just a forgetful one, there will always be a time where you will forget the necessities. It is primarily because of the poor handling of resources and time management.

The key to survival is preparedness. You need to have a clear mind and focus on what is required based on their priority. Then you can start planning there. Make these preparations sooner rather than later because it might be too late if calamity already strikes.

How Much Does A Luxury Bunker Cost?

In reality, only a few percentage of people in the world prepare for possible global annihilation, and as a part of the preparation is building a safe shelter that can keep them alive when doomsday comes.

Unlike what most people think, rich preppers may also build their luxury bunker. It is the doomsday bunker that is not only filled with canned goods and cots but so much more.

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The Demand For Luxury Bunkers

Many elite people in the world have a luxury bunker built as their secret shelter to keep their families safe when doomsday comes. Those who have designed and constructed luxury bunkers also include sports stars, fund managers, and tech executives such as Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, as of this writing.

Bill Gates is said to have multiple bunkers. He may have bunkers to every property he owns.

According to Gary Lynch, Rising S Company’s general manager, their high-end custom underground bunkers increased to 700% in 2016 compared to 2015. Aside from that, their overall sales rose to 300% during the November US presidential election.

This data doesn’t only show that bunkers are in demand for preppers but also luxury bunkers for the rich.

The 2016 election shows that both conservatives and liberals acquire luxury bunker spaces to ensure their safety.

What Is Inside A Luxury Bunker?

Here is to give you an insight into how much money a rich man shed to build his luxury bunker. Usually, the leading developers of high-end custom bunkers or luxury bunkers acquire decommissioned missile silos and military bunkers by the Soviet or United States governments that may cost a whopping million dollars to establish nowadays.

These establishments have fortified structures that are intended to remain strong even in a nuclear strike. Aside from that, they are equipped with water purification systems and power systems.

As well as nuclear biological chemical or NBC air filtration, and blast valves. All these inclusions aim to provide a safer and secure place for people to live in during global annihilation, epidemic, and other kinds of threats for humanity.

Of course, just like doomsday bunkers, a luxury bunker also includes food supplies that can last for a year or more. It may also include hydroponic gardens where you can grow your fresh vegetation to supplement your needs during a crisis.

The Cost Of Building A Luxury Bunker

The following luxury bunkers have different designs and levels of functionality. Check out what is inside them and how much it will cost to have them built.

Designer Ark

It is one popular type of luxurious bunkers called the Vivos xPoint, located at the South Dakota, Black Hills. It is composed of 575 military bunkers, which serve as an Army Munitions Depot until 1967.

This type of bunkers can offer what a small town can. It has a community theater, clinic, classrooms, hydroponic gardens, gym, and a spa.

Ever wonder how much this kind of luxurious bunker costs? Its price depends on what theme you would want—either a minimalist one or a home with high-end finishes.

But, since this type of bunker design is almost what you wanted, it costs between $25,000 to $200,000 each. And it can accommodate up to 5,000 people.

However, if you’re looking for a more luxurious type of bunkers, you can refer to the company’s Vivos Europa One, which they called the “Modern Day Noah’s Ark which was a former Cold War-era munitions storage located in Germany.

If the Vivos xPoint is like a small town of its own, the Vivos Europa One is like an underground yacht. It has theater, restaurants, coffee shops, and game areas.

The company will deliver the units empty, and the owners will have the chance to renovate the suit based on their preferences. That they may also include swimming pools, gyms, and screening rooms, and all amenities are private.

Its structure was made out of a solid bedrock that offers 34 private residences, starting with a 2,500 square feet. And if they want to have the second story, they can add 2,500 square feet.

This complex also has a tarn system as the source of transportation of the residents to their shelters. They can also use this when they visit restaurants, coffee shops, gaming areas, and other establishments.

Nuclear Bunker

Larry Hall, the developer, utilized the two abandoned Atlas Missile Silos back in 1960. The US Army Corps Engineers built that. He said that the owners of this bunker would have access to it whenever they want to.

A theater, library, bar, swimming pool, a mini grocery store, a classroom, and a general store are some of these complexes.

He said that the construction of this bunker cost him almost $20million. The one unoccupied chamber has 15 floors, which are divided into 12 single families. Meanwhile, a full-floor unit has about 1,820 square feet that can accommodate 6 to 10 people.

The full-floor apartment has three rooms, two comfort rooms, a dining room, and a kitchen.

Tenants can also enjoy other facilities like a rock-climbing wall, a dog park, and a gym. Meanwhile, you can also practice your shooting ability with its indoor shooting space.

Each unit also has a dryer, a dishwasher, a washer, and even an LED window that shows live videos. Larry Hall also said that once the homeowners purchased it, they need to undergo survival training.

They will also be given a supply of food per person for five years and will have access to the internet. Homeowners can also enjoy eating fish like tilapia and vegetables. As its aquaponics and hydroponics systems are active.

This bunker has an elevator that connects to all 15 floors. If the homeowners need to leave, they need the permission of the Survival Condo Project’s board of directors first.

Meanwhile, Larry is making its second survival condo that has different and numerous layouts. The unit has a 900square foot half-floor residence to two-level. With a 3,600 square foot penthouse, and the price starts at $4.5 million each.

Condo Association sets a rule that bunker owners should work at least four hours daily when an emergency occurs.

Long Term Luxury Bunker

This luxurious bunker is known as “the largest billionaire bunker in the world” and was built for almost ten years. They started building this bunker from 1984, which they said is a joint project of the former Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.

They call it The Oppidum, which is found in the Czech Republic.

It has initial amenities like a spa, swimming pool, cinema, and a wine vault, but owners will always have the last words for the final product. This bunker has an above-ground estate and an underground component with a size of 77,000 square feet.

The entire compound has a total area of 323,000 square feet of the countryside. It also has a secret corridor and an underground bunker which you can use in less than 60 seconds.

The underground first level has various rooms, like screening rooms and a playground room for your kids. Since it is the biggest bunker that has been built, they offer a penthouse apartment and a six smaller apartment.

The penthouse apartment has a measure of 6,780 square feet, and the smaller apartments measure 1,720 square feet each. Long-term bunker also lets you continue to work even if an emergency occurs because it offers meeting rooms and an office room.

Underground Nuclear Bunker

This luxurious bunker is said to build a 45-feet underground by Harry Norman. They said it was built in 1969, was renovated in 2012, and was listed in 2014. It was used to be the base of the US Army that has 3-feet thick walls making it a nuclear-proof.

Every four apartments have a 600-square foot in size. Each apartment contains a living area, a kitchen, two king-size bedrooms, and bathrooms. Like any other luxury bunker, it also has amenities such as a theater, gaming room, medical or business rooms, and a weapon room.

This kind of luxury bunker is up for $17.5 million.

Rice House Bunker

It is located in Georgia, which has security features. They say that it is the safest house in the US, and it has a whopping 3.5 acres of land and is like a mega-mansion.

Because it has its watchtower, security control room, a Gun range, and it even has a secret underground bunker, it becomes wow-worthy to many. They say that this property is listed with a price of $15million.

Budget-Friendly Bunker

Another bunker that The Vivos Group has made is its budget-friendly bunker. It is also the same as the nuclear bunker, but this is found in Indiana.

The units cost from $25,000-$35,000 but can be as high as $1,000,000,000, especially when an emergency occurs. Like any other kind of bunker, this also has facilities that will help you get through a day of boredom.

It has a kitchen, bathrooms, a dining area, a theater, a gaming area, rooms, food storage, and a power room. They also included a power storage room, a gym room with a kennel area, a hospital, and a blast door.

There are only five bathrooms in this type of bunker. Meaning, you have to share it with 79 other people with you in this bunker. It also has one shared kitchen, which is not that bad, right?

The dining will also serve freeze-dried meats and grains. These include fresh-grown vegetables from the bunker’s garden. Tenants can also enjoy other benefits like receiving necessary vitamins.

Factors To Consider When Making A Bunker

It may seem and sound that building a bunker is easy, but the truth is, it’s not. There are things that you need to consider first before making one. And here are some of it.

1. Location

Any developer who wants to build a bunker is one factor that they are considering. Either you’re building a basic bunker or a luxurious one. The building of the bunker will also depend on how safe the location is.

A basic bunker is made in the basement area of their homes, which makes them plan easier.

Meanwhile, those who plan to build a luxurious bunker, a location may be a hindrance too. That’s why most of it was made far from most residential areas. Aside from location, they consider the power lines, cables, water pipes, and septic tanks.

The most luxurious bunker was built from Missile silos, because of its perfect location.

2. Cost

Aside from location, the cost is one factor too that preppers are considering. But they say that if you’re building a bunker from scratch, you may want to consider renting one. Or you can buy one of those bunkers that are up for sale.

It may be convenient for you to depend on your budget and its location.

But if you’re still convinced to build one, you’ll be needing to do the estimating. Preppers should also consider the cost of the soil that you’ll be needing and its type. Yes, soil plays a huge impact on one’s budget.

You can call experts for the soil assessments, and they’ll give you the best estimates.

3. Escape Routes

A prepper or developer before making a bunker also considers its escape routes. Yes, though we make sure that our bunkers are safe, we also need to consider that things may get worse too.

Preppers believe that in every bunker, there is at least one door that will lead to an escape route.

4. Structure

For added protection, a prepper should also consider the structure that a bunker builds. It should be made of metal to ensure that it has extra strength. Ensure that it can withstand the weight of the ground that even a fire or an earthquake can’t damage it.

You can also finish it with a stone or brick fortification to ensure that there is no water can leak inside.

5. Excavation Process

Digging is one factor that a bunker prepper should also consider. Since a bunker means underground, you need to consider the excavation process too. It’s either you hire for excavation machinery, or you do it yourself by using a shovel.

Well, who would have a think and do the latter part, right?

It’s evident that it’s better if you have machinery equipment. While doing the excavation process, you should also remember that you need to have some space for the airflow. It is even better if you cover the airflow with rocks and bushes to make it not obvious.

Planning where to store your food, too, is one factor that needs to be considered. That this storage can accommodate enough food supplies for months or better for even years, make sure that its preservation time is being observed.

6. Securing A Permit

We know that building a bunker is like building a house. Before you start the construction of your home, there are documents that the authorities need from you. Building a bunker also needs permits, a floor plan, and blueprints.

And if you have prepared for all of these, you can start the construction process already.

Those listed factors are just a reminder that building a bunker will never be as easy as you think. Think of it as if you’re building your second home, too, which it really is. That aside from money, patience is also needed.

Sample Computation

For you to understand building a luxurious bunker, here are some listed examples.

200 square-feet=$37,000

300 square-feet= $55,5000

400 square-feet =$74,000

2,000 square-feet=$370,000

2500 square-feet= $462,500

3000 square-feet- $555,000

3600 square-feet= $666,000

4800 square-feet= $888,000

All those computations are based on the type and condition of the soil, the depth, electrical , and water tables.

Luxury Bunker Amenities Helps Fight Depression

While others think that having all the amenities in a luxury bunker, is what matters, for some, it’s not. Developers like Hall believe that having a luxurious bunker is a source and key to survival too.

That those amenities and facilities will help and prevent you from having depression. Because when you are in a bunker, and there is nothing to do, all you can think of is the disaster going on.

That even if they’re underneath the ground, all they can think of is that they’re still living a normal life. Because if there are no amenities in a bunker-like in the outside world, they’ll do abnormal things. Which, in the end, may result in having depression.

These amenities will also help them think that these emergencies are just temporary. Meaning they develop a positive outlook towards it. And when the time comes, the situation is back to normal. They are still in their best shapes and high spirits.


In general, building a bunker is not as bad as we think because even those rich people think that SHTF can occur anytime. They create these luxury bunkers not just for themselves but for their families and staff too to survive.

That having a luxury bunker is not all about the luxurious things it can offer. And every one of us, even the wealthiest people, can be a prepper too.

How To Become A Prepper On A Budget

Most people believe that prepping is not really necessary. They think that they will only waste money, buying things that they will never be able to use. But for those individuals who want to come prepared for doomsday, knowing the cost-effective way to do so is essential.

How to become a prepper on a budget? First, make a written budget and inventory. Avoid buying commercial survival foods, start slow and steady, buy on sale, pay with cash, invest in knowledge, and spend time learning survival skills also helps to reduce prepping expenses.

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Below is a list of the tips that you can use to reduce the expenses of prepping. When you are on a budget, these tips will allow you to prep for doomsday without having to spend a lot of money. Take note of the following tips.

Make A Written Budget

Successful prepping requires excellent planning. The same applies if you want to prep on a budget. You need to establish a written budget to ensure that no cent will be wasted while getting ready for the possible occurrence of an epidemic or world crisis.

Establish a prepping budget that can meet your needs and, at the same time, your allocated budget. First, ask yourself if how much money you can shed on prepping.

And then, determine the areas of your budget that are least necessary so that you can reduce the overall cost.

You can think of prepping similar to health insurance or home insurance policy. If you are prepared for doomsday, you and your family have a higher chance of survival.

For those people who want to prep on a budget, writing a checklist of the things you need to buy every week is ideal. Set a certain amount that you can afford to spend weekly to buy a specific item on the list.

To help you start prepping, here are some of the prepping areas that your list should cover:

  1. Protection needs
  2. Evacuation needs
  3. Water needs
  4. Hygiene needs
  5. First aid and medicine needs
  6. Food needs
  7. Heating supplies
  8. Cooking supplies

These are the areas that every prepper should include in their stockpile list. Make sure to purchase the items that are included in these prepping areas.

Write An Updated Inventory Of Your Supplies

You will need to write an updated inventory of your supplies to ensure that what you have is enough to provide your needs when doomsday comes. Aside from that, the inventory list will allow you to skip buying the things that you don’t need.

Most people have more equipment and gear than they realize. For this reason, they keep wasting their money buying unnecessary things.

If you want to prep on a budget, always make sure to update your inventory. This way, you can avoid buying things that you already have. Also, it will allow you to sort things that you don’t need and sell them for profit.

Some of the common items that you will need for survival include pans, pots, tools, and blankets. But if you own a lot of these things, sell them on a Garage Sale or online.

Don’t Stock Commercial Survival Foods

One of the misconceptions about doomsday prepping is the need to buy expensive survival foods that are commercially available.

If you choose it over low-cost foods that are recommended for prepping, it will cost you thousands of dollars—not mentioning that you also need to buy some for your family.

If you buy commercial survival foods, you are literally wasting money. Always remember that when you stockpile foods, choose the ones that you will want to eat even in non-survival situations.

This way, you can still eat them before their expiration date.

Start Slow And Steady

You don’t have to do everything at once. When you prepare for doomsday, start it slow and steady. Do not be discouraged if you can’t have that equipment or tools for now. Continue prepping while saving up for that equipment until you acquire all the things you need.

Buy When It Is On Sale

Sale and coupons will allow you to buy things at a cheaper price. But this does not mean that you have to spend hours collecting coupons and spot sales. Nowadays, most food manufacturers offer coupons and promos printed or online, that allows consumers to save money.

Invest On Knowledge

If you don’t have much money for prepping, supplement it by increasing your knowledge. Learn survival skills that you can apply in the occurrence of doomsday and other world annihilation threats. While stockpiling food and equipment can increase your chance of survival, knowing the art of survival is better.

Among the essential survival skills that you need to learn is how to find water. It is primarily because a person can only survive for three days without it. To ensure that the water source you found is potable, run it through a portable water filter.

Aside from purifying the water, it is also lightweight and small for easy packing.

Another essential survival skill that you need to learn is fire starting. While you can find a lot of convenient fire starting kits online, knowing how to start one in a traditional way is beneficial.

It is also best if you learn how to catch fish, grow vegetation, and build a shelter using natural materials.

Spend Time More Than Money

It is not enough to have the necessary survival tools and knowledge to survive doomsday. You have to invest your time to further your skills by practicing all the knowledge you acquired for survival.

Being a prepper on a budget, spend more time on survival tips that will allow you to acquire and prepare food without the need to buy anything. For example, learn how to catch fish, how to clean it, and how to cook it.

If you have this skill during the occurrence of doomsday, you will be able to survive. You have a greater chance of survival if you train to survive.

 Pay With Cash

Paying with cash is advisable when prepping on a budget. It is because overspending is easy when using a credit/ debit card. Aside from that, credit/ debit cards come with additional fees.

Shopping with cash can help you to save 18% to 20% than how much you spend with credit/ debit cards.

How To Minimize Prepping Expenses?

If you want to be stingy when prepping, make sure to know the things that you should prioritize. This way, you can avoid buying the things you don’t need, meaning fewer expenses.

Another is to make the right choices. As mentioned earlier, you should make an updated inventory of the things you have and then use it to establish a list of the things you should buy.

You need to decide on which items are essential and which ones are unnecessary to reduce your prepping expenses.

Once that you have completed your stockpiling list, be reminded to rotate your supplies. Canned goods and other products have their expiring dates, so it is best if you use them from time to time.

Just make sure to replenish you’re your prepping inventory regularly. Doing so will let you avoid wasting food and money.

Finally, you should put your mind into prepping. When you are mentally prepared, the entire process will be easier for you. It will also allow you to find the best ways on how to spend less while preparing for the possible occurrence of doomsday.

So from now on, take time on planning, creating lists, and updating your inventory.

Tips For Budget Preppers

Some prepping websites provide free prepping supplies. Typically, these items are low-value that they offer free as long as you pay for the shipping and handling charges. Below are the things you should do when you spot free prepping supplies:

  1. Check for affiliate disclosure – You can find a part of the prepping website offering free prepping supplies with something like, “We write about things that you may find useful. We are affiliated with other entities, which means that we get a percentage of the revenue…” Showing this message means that the website might be trustworthy, especially that they have to pay for the expenses of the site and somehow make a living.

  2. Ensure that shipping and handling are not higher than the cost of the items– This way, you can save more than spend.

  3. Be wise – Always remember that websites may offer free items as a part of their marketing strategy. Knowing this, always be wise when making a decision. The site may offer other prepping gear to you after receiving the free item, so make sure to read everything and think carefully.


To conclude, prepping requires you to spend not only time but also money. But when you put your mind into prepping, it will be easier for you to decide on which items are necessary and which ones are not.

Be wise when shopping your doomsday stockpile list and skip paying with credit/ debit card to avoid overspending.

What Size Generator Does My House Need?

In a typical American household, power outages can take place once or twice in an average of 3 hours per year. These power outages are mostly caused by natural disasters that can last for many days. When these things happen, inconvenience and discomfort paved the way to your home, especially with the kids.

What size generator does my house need? The answer could only rely on the number of appliances that run in your house and the watts that your appliances need. To know about this, you need to use the generator wattage calculator.

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In this article, you will learn about the size generator and the power requirements needed in your house. Some facts about generators will also be discussed.

Calculating The Generator Size

Generators are made to become alternatives against power outage problems. To know the best generator to be used in your home, you have to check your appliances first. Take note that when calculating, the power output of the generator is measured in Watts (W).

List Your Devices

Many would suggest buying the smallest generator, yet durable enough to meet your needs. However, choosing the right generator size is more recommended because you have to base its size according to your situation and needs. Each generator is specified according to what your devices and appliances need.

What A Generator Can Power

Each generator’s size is meant to power specific appliances. For instance, a 2,000-Watt Generator can power a refrigerator, laptop, light bulbs, home security system, and smartphone charger.

However, a larger generator with 10,000-Watt can power a small business store. It’s also best to consider how many times a year do power outages happen.

Use The Generator Wattage Calculator

There are two figures that you need to remember when calculating. First is the starting watts and the other, the running watts. When buying a new generator, you need to pay attention to both numbers. Remember that the generator and the appliances have to go together to avoid unreasonable buying.

The Watts Your Appliances Need

The amount of power is critical to the number of appliances your house had because these household appliances may demand a specific electrical power.

Understanding Watts

There are two important figures that you needed to understand before buying a new generator. First is the Starting watts, which are required for most appliances that need more wattage to operate. Second is Running Watts, which is the measurement of how much energy the appliances were needing after its setup.

The Generator Your House Needs

The first things that you have to list down are the most critical appliances in your house, such as the well pump, air conditioner, refrigerator, and lightning. A generator of about 7,500 watts can run these appliances at once. However, if you choose to buy a 4,000-watt generator, then it would only run a limited number of appliances.

What To Remember About Watts

For most appliances, their labels are stated in watts or amps, so you have to learn how to calculate them so you can determine the generator size that you need. For example, the power requirement of the whole house equals 8,000 watts, so you might need a generator with a size that either exceeds or equals 8,000 watts.

Your Needs vs. Your Wants

As much as possible, you’ve always wanted to power up the whole house. However, you also have to consider some calamities that may come in your way. In a disaster-prone area, you may get a larger generator because, most of the time, power outages may incur.

On the other hand, if your area is safe from natural disasters and your only problem is emergency blackouts, then consider purchasing a smaller generator.

Your Safety Level

When buying a new set of the generator, you have to consider purchasing portable generators that have a sensor in it to stop the building of Carbon Monoxide, which is dangerous in an enclosed space. It’s also essential that your generator is installed 20 feet from your house, to avoid unwanted accidents.

Consider Recreational Inverters

Many would have considered buying the lightest and the quietest generator with no installation cost. This kind of generator is very easy to store and can be used during travels or outdoor activities.

However, the only thing that it can power is the refrigerator, light bulbs, and your phone charger, which already have enough appliances during an emergency.

Power Outages Problems

As mentioned, generators are made explicitly to power during an emergency. Even so, these emergencies can get even worse, especially when you’re in an area where severe weather events can happen.

Frequent Power Outages

You have to consider home standby or a large inverter when your area is experiencing a lot of power outages. These generators have enough power to connect directly to your circuit breaker panel.

If you have these generators, then power outages won’t be a problem anymore as long as you’re sure to have a transfer switch.

Occasional Outages

For this situation, you have to consider buying a large inverter or a portable generator because they can sustain occasional outages. At the same time, these generators can only cost you less in your electric bill. You may be able to save thousands of dollars using these two devices.

Rarely To Lose Power

Even if your area is not prone to power outages, but just in case it will happen soon, you still need to prepare the midsized and recreational inverters, which is good enough to power a refrigerator, air-conditioner, and light bulbs. It can also power up television and a heater.


A lot of people have indeed considered a generator, yet failed to learn about the exact usage and wattage needed for the whole house and a specific appliance. Generators are considered a necessity to bring comfort in your home during unwanted situations.

For more information about the prices and the particular usage of generators, then it would be helpful to ask your local store about it. Educating yourself with the use of the internet would help you in weighing your decisions, too.