How Much Silver Should A Prepper Have?

As the saying goes, silver is the poor man’s gold. But that saying was ages ago, now silver is considered as one of the essential metals in the world. Throughout history, it is one of the most used currency and even up to now silver still in demand. It is considered to be the best security when it comes to the potential loss of the economy.

How much silver should a prepper have? It is recommended to have a least of 6 to 8 months of worth of silver in your stockpile. Most unemployment stint can last even that long. You can also split your savings to your bank to diversify it and have all the possible sources of silver.

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In this short read, you will have an understanding of how much silver you should have in your belongings to be able to survive such a crisis.

How Much Silver?

In every socio-economic collapse, every precious metal retains its value as a trading commodity. You can use silver for trading now or just stock it for future purposes. Here are different scenario’s why stocking silver can be an excellent investment:

Personal Savings

It is a common knowledge to have at least six months worth of your salary saved and ready for disposal. You can either have hard cash or fiat currency, but there is a catch.

There is always the risk of inflation. It is the decrease in the value of what you have in fiat currency. Also, you might not have access to it if you are completely tied up with the bank.

The best solution for this is to have a secure stock of silver. Silver value never decreases but always increasing. It might not make you rich, but longevity will assure you a nice profit margin.

Financial Crisis

The financial crisis does happen, and it is not just one time only, it can happen many times. There were specific years in a different era that could prove this hypothesis.

What they did was they consolidated all their investments into tangible and conservative way rather than risking it in the stock market. Investors drove the price of these precious metals at a consistently high level.

During that time, there’s a lot of unemployment, and finances go high up, but markets continue to downswing. A lot of people’s investments lose their value, and they used most of their retirement plan.

It is why it is essential to at least invest into tangible profit, this way you can rest assure that you have a Plan B to whatever financial disaster you’ll face.


Overall, silver is an excellent option for investment, and every prepper should get their hands on it when SHTF. It always depends on your personal preference and how much you can buy or have when stocking silver.

You should learn how to diversify your resources and stock up on different survival skills and knowledge. This way, you have a more profound impact on how you can survive in this changing world.