Is It Safe To Stay In Hotel During Hurricane?

Being stuck in an unfamiliar land or place can be a daunting experience. It is especially true if there is a hurricane in the area, and you are away from home. You do not know what will happen, and it can be more chaotic since it is an unknown area. For this reason, you must be alert and prepared as much as possible.

Is it safe to stay in a hotel during a hurricane? Hotels are not immune to hurricane strikes. While some of the hotels are structurally sturdy compared to a regular house, they will still be affected by hurricanes. It is more on staying alert and being quick when it comes to hurricane catastrophe.

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Get an idea of how to survive in a hotel when a hurricane is issued in your area through this article. Let’s get into it.

When Hurricane Watch Is Issued

If you are stuck in your hotel room and a hurricane watch is issued, the first thing to do is to monitor the radio or TV broadcast where you can get enough information on the storm’s progress.

Make sure to have enough fuel in your rental car and plan a possible evacuation route that will take you to a safe shelter.

Since you will be expecting power outages, make sure you have enough money. Withdraw your cash thru ATMs and banks as it may run out of money before the storm, or they might not be operational after the storm.

Review your plans and ask the hotel management of the list that needs to do in case there is a hurricane watch issued. This kind of to-do list is a step you can take in with you to remain safe and details about the hotel’s evacuation setup.

Find out if you are a prospect of evacuation and ask how you will be transported and where you will be staying if the storms hit your area.

When Hurricane Warning Is Issued

When the hurricane warning is issued, do not panic. Instead, tune in to your local radio and TV broadcast for storm advisories and announcements. You need to pack the necessary belongings and must take the things that can easily be carried. It can be some medicines, some tools, equipment, and some water.

When Evacuation Order Is Issued

If the evacuation order is issued, leave immediately. When you are listening to the local radio, do multitasking like packing your stuff, so whenever an evacuation is issued, you are ready to go.

Take your packed belongings and follow all government-mandated rules. It is for your safety. Stay calm and do not panic, and there is a possibility of a mild to heavy traffic, but there will be sufficient time to reach the shelter.


Overall, the hotel might not be the best place to stay during a hurricane, but if you are stuck in that place, follow the steps above. Most hotel staff in hurricane-prone destinations are trained to assist guests during this kind of event.

They know all the safest areas of the hotel and can provide enough water, food, and information. Part of being prepared is knowing about the effects of a hurricane. By proper understanding of the calamity, you will have a higher chance of survival.