Things Preppers Forget

Disaster comes and goes, which is why it is important to be prepared at all times. You will never know when it will strike, and before you do, it is too late. The fact that we lived on a planet where a tornado, an earthquake, or a tropical storm can happen at any given time is gloomy and scary. Preparedness is your key to survival because stores won’t be open and won’t continue to operate during these hours.

There are so many things preppers forget when building their emergency kits. One of these is important documents, self-identification cards that will be useful for rescuers. Others are water, alternate power sources, a variety of medicines, not only the common ones, and hard cash in different denominations.

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Find out the things that preppers usually forget to bring during emergency kit planning below. It will allow you to avoid making the same mistake when prepping.

Things Preppers Often Forget To Their Emergency Kits

There is still a time when you think you are prepared and have enough food storage and emergency kits. And then all of a sudden, you missed it, and you have no other way to procure it.

It will leave a big inconvenience in your survival and can make your life miserable. Here are some of the items that you might have missed during preparation:

Laminated Personal Information Card

Most people have their personal identification of their family and friends on their mobile phones. But that becomes useless once you have zero battery charge, all that information won’t be accessible.

It is essential to have a laminated card with you with all the information about your family member. It includes home address, work address, and various phone numbers in a piece of paper.

Make sure to laminate it so it can be waterproof and keep it in a very secure area of your BOB. This laminated card will be useful for rescuers if they find you unconscious and not sure who to contact about your situation.

Water Bottles

It might be the obvious thing to prepare, but a lot of people forget it. It is mainly because it is pretty obvious and they think they won’t forget it. Also, preppers believe it is okay just to bring a couple of water bottles, and it will be enough.

It is not true. You need to have enough water to stay hydrated for an extended period.

Make sure that you have 1 gallon of water per person, which will be suitable for the whole day. Water isn’t only for hydration. It is also used as food preparation and proper hygienic needs. 

Portable Toilet

The good thing about the toilet is that they do not run on electricity. However, do not expect that the water supply will run forever. It won’t be the case if you are suffering from a pandemic or huge tropical storms.

If the water runs dry, the toilet won’t be any use anymore. It is why it is essential to have a portable plastic toilet ready in your emergency kit. It will be beneficial for preppers, especially if their home is destroyed and they have to be on the road for a while.

Alternative Power Source

Having a power outage is not fun, and it can be pretty annoying if it gets dark as you only have limited light in your surroundings. This kind of disruption can even last for a long time, depending on how the damage is.

You need to prepare a source of backup power. It doesn’t have to be a bulk machine generator. There are different portable generators which create power through solar panels.

It is one way to get enough power to survive within the night. Also, make sure you have enough power banks to charge your phones so you will be up to date with the news and weather report.

Wide Variety Of Medicine

Medicine is essential in all emergency kits, and you will never know when you need it, so it is vital to be in your possession. You cannot rely on 911 during a catastrophic event because they can’t simply respond to an overwhelming number of people in need. It is better if you ave a variety of medicine at your disposal to help yourself and your family if they get sick.

For medications that need a prescription, you might need to talk to your doctor about getting a month-long supply of medication that can last for an extended period.

Candles And Matches

One of the most overlooked items in preparedness kits are candles and matches. It is mainly because a lot of preppers are focused on getting flashlights and batteries in their kit. But it will not be forever, so it is vital to have a backup. Aside from that, a candle and some matches can also be used in cooking and other medical procedures.

Flashlights And Batteries

As soon as preppers compile and store all their emergency kits in a storage facility, they tend to forget that some of the items needed maintenance. Flashlight and batteries need some checking from time to time.

They can’t last for long, and sometimes batteries leak if poorly stored. Make sure to buy some extra bulbs and batteries. You need to have at least an ample amount of light sources when there is a power outage.

Reserve Funds

During such calamities, all banks won’t be accessible, and using a credit card or debit card will be difficult to buy some emergency necessities. It is why it is essential to have hard cash ready so you can buy them.

Store them in your home or if you have a safe locker in the house. You won’t be able to get your money in the bank, so it will be smart to have a couple of cash in your home.


Whether you’re a smart prepper or just a forgetful one, there will always be a time where you will forget the necessities. It is primarily because of the poor handling of resources and time management.

The key to survival is preparedness. You need to have a clear mind and focus on what is required based on their priority. Then you can start planning there. Make these preparations sooner rather than later because it might be too late if calamity already strikes.