What Are Preppers Afraid Of?

Prepping is a form of action where people start and get ready to live without societal support. It has been getting a lot of buzz in the United States and some companies that cater to people who wanted to be self-reliant for food and water have grown their revenue in the last decade. It just shows just this becomes a global phenomenon.

What are preppers afraid of? Most preppers are so scared of the inevitable. They are afraid of the things that will come in their way either it is by a form of a calamity or an economic collapse.

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In this short read, you will have an understanding of what are preppers are scared of.

The Sum Of All Fears

Some people believe that a prepper is someone who is getting ready for the collapse of the world. Either it is a society collapsing, or the world itself is collapsing. It means that all money and electric grids that depend on them become unavailable.

On the other hand, preppers are ready to purify their water to drink. They can hunt for their meals and scare off anyone who tries to get a piece of their post-apocalyptic bliss. But there may be bunkers involved.

Preppers are not preparing for the total collapse of the world. They are getting ready for some local collapse of service that can last for a little while. It is less Armageddon and more like a natural disaster like typhoons and hurricanes.

Preparing for a couple of months without any key services might end badly. Preppers should know how much to store that can hold out for quite some time.

Media And Government

Few places in the United States don’t experience natural disaster risks. Terrorism and disease outbreaks, on the other hand, can happen everywhere.

Several factors will drive these people to respond to these risks by preparing themselves to be able to survive without the help of the private and government sector or any emergency support.

One factor is that some organizations that are responsible for coordinating emergency protocols tell their people to deal with these emergencies on their own.

Federal agencies encourage people to contemplate surviving without their assistance. They keep on reminding people to be ready for risks that never really materialized.

The second motivation comes from the media, which is very helpful in providing nonstop coverage during natural disasters and the aftermath. Different calamities reported and some pandemic that happened is what triggered these preppers to do their survival plan so they can be ready when it hits again.


Overall, preppers are only responding to what they hear. Prepping is a global phenomenon with one clear goal in mind. And that is to be able to survive regardless if its a natural disaster or an outbreak. Prepping is the unusual response of people when they are about to face some challenging times. It is also their way to inform and communicate with the public to do the same rather than just brushing it off.