What Do Survivalists Do?

Survivalism tackles the preparedness of an individual to a particular disaster or emergency that people might face. It is critical to start preparing yourself because if you wait until you need it, you see that it is already too late.

What do survivalists do? Survivalists stockpile food, water, and prepare to become self-sufficient. They build survival retreats and underground shelters that can help them to survive a natural disaster or emergency.

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In this article, you will learn about what survivalists are, including what they do and the things they believe. This way, you can understand the reason why prepping is important. I will also discuss the popularity of prepping in the latter part of this article.

Defining Survivalists

Many people asks about what do survivalists do. But no one can provide an easy answer for it. Survivalism has so many aspects, and it can take in different forms. It is interpreted in many ways, and it always different from everyone.

For starters, survivalism is an internal stature of being that usually revolves around faith, wisdom, patriotism, and knowledge. These people are the ones who hold accountability over their minds, soul, and body.

Common sense and taking responsibility are imprinted in their virtue in life, and they crave knowledge and experience more than anything.

Survivalists can be categorized into two distinct groups. The first group is the ones who are concerned about the preservation of the planet, and the second group is the ones who are preparing for the end of the world.

Some characteristics fit in both groups though they have their definition of survivalism. One might say it is a lifestyle govern by principles and goals towards personal improvement.

Protection Strategies

It is no secret that most survivalists are finding ways to save themselves during tough times. Some people even go beyond to ensure their family and loved ones will be safe. This kind of behavior is quite wide as a person can go from mild to an extreme length to survive.

An excellent example of this is a lot of preppers invest in building an underground bunker for their safety. Others develop their homes sturdy enough that can sustain gas and other harmful toxins to withstanding different calamities.

A survivalist will follow different protection strategies to make sure they are safe, and their family is away from any harm.

Sustainable Living

Survivalists practice sustainable living. It is the most common concept of survivalism. You’ll notice that they continuously find ways to reduce carbon footprint. They will practice passive energy systems, utilize organic farming, and will minimize petroleum usage.

They try to live their life as sustainable as possible and in a feasible way.

They also try to avoid technology and trying to go off-grid. Some people referred to them as tree huggers or naturalists. They always strike to live their best life as sustainable as possible to make the world a better place to live in.

Stockpiling Goods

Every survivalist shared one common trait, and that is they are obsessed with food storage. A lot of them already stored freshwater supplies, emergency items, and different medications.

A prepper will have to prepare for months in the event of long term emergencies and disasters. Because survivalists are known to be frugal, they try to avoid debt and overspending, and some even stockpile on hard cash.

Since they practice sustainable living, they also prepared some freeze-dried foods. It also includes the use of the generator and solar-powered machinery. Another thing is gardening and farming.

Some preppers have their very own garden or farm where they grow their own foods. They try to educate children on how to live off the land like the earlier people in this country.

They also take care of cows for milk, chicken for eggs, and other animals for meat consumption though the majority of survivalists are considered vegan.

Doing Good And Spreading Love

Survivalists have firm faith, and they walk in light and love. If you are considered to be survivalists, you shut off all fears and accept the inevitable that there is a danger coming.

They use their common sense in a way to thrive in their surroundings, and they stand up for what they believe in. Fundamental rights and freedom are their sole virtue in life.

They have an understanding that no one is immune to the imminent danger. It does not mean they are soft and weak, and most survivalists are ready at a moment’s notice to protect, defend, and sustain.

Prepping Popularity

A lot of survivalists think that the system of debt and government reliance doesn’t last forever. They believe that only a short time is left before everything crumbles, and it is not going to be pretty when that happens. When it comes down to it, you are in danger, and you need to deal with a lot of host of threats. And many of which a lot of people have never considered or properly prepared for.

It is why survivalism has got a lot of popularity lately. Mainly because people now more than anything realizes that it is important to be prepared at all costs. You cannot depend on the government all the time. The choice is pretty simple.

You can start it now and learn how to live a self-reliant lifestyle. It is beneficial not only for yourself but also for your loved ones.


Survivalism consists of three essential elements, the survival mindset, preparation of materials, and skill assessment, and acquisition. Having all of these three significant elements can help you adequately prepared for the inevitable crisis downfall.

As an individual, you need to know how to assess the situation. From there, create a solid plan on how to prepare for them.

Once you have a proper mindset, you can start with your materials gathering and find out which is your greatest skill. It is the perfect attitude towards being a survivalist. It is not easy, but with proper knowledge and guidance, you will become the best prepper.