What Does It Mean To Be A Prepper?

Preppers already have a bad rep when it comes to media overexploiting their bizarre doings. But this is not a realistic story because real preppers are way better and quite different from Doomsday preppers. Preppers are only preparing for a time when life can get pretty challenging.

What does it mean to be a prepper? A prepper is a person who believes that such calamities and emergency is inevitable. Hence, they want to prepare as much as they can during this time for a higher chance of survival.

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In this short read, you will understand what exactly preppers do and how they are relevant in this socio-political climate.

What Exactly Is A Prepper?

A prepper is an individual who has the knowledge and insights to see the future and prepare for the possibility that it can affect their way of living.

These people enhance their skills and knowledge, forage their supplies, and form a community that can work together and reaps its benefits. They make a plan that will prepare for the inevitable while also enjoying their current life.

Not Preparing For Only One Catastrophic Event

Some preppers prepare for the end of the word or a zombie apocalypse while others are just getting ready to take care of their loved ones when a disaster happened. Proper planning and anticipating any possible risk can reduce the effect that can occur in your life.

Most common preppers are only preparing for such natural calamities, power outages, and some financial challenges, and they are self-reliant.

Reasons Why You Should Be A Prepper

Being a prepper not only can give you an ample amount of knowledge and skill. But it can also save you from the danger such calamity can bring. There are several reasons and benefits why you should become a prepper.

Embracing The Motto “Be Prepared”

Being prepared is the state of mind where you are considered to be in a state of readiness. It is commonly used by Scouts to encourage and be prepared at all times.

They are always encouraged to think about possible situations beforehand and then draft some plans of what to do. Preppers embrace this concept as it taught young children to be prepared at all costs.

It can lead them to recognize the concept of danger and be ready to take care of themselves when challenges come their way.

Prepping Makes Life Easier

Life is full of mystery, and it can get pretty stressful. When you are prepared, it can get less stressful. When you have stock your storage or pantry, you can always cook a meal or have your favorite snack to nibble on.

Prepping means you don’t have to go often to any supermarkets, allowing more time for yourself.


Overall, preppers are smart people, and they are not motivated by their fear but their wisdom. They see the future and always know that there is an inevitable instance. Then they take reasonable steps to prepare for those challenges.