What Is The Doomsday Clock?

Doomsday Clock has been a metaphor for man-made international catastrophe for over 70 years now. It could lead us to the destruction of the entire humanity. Well, it is about to get real, as you need to get ready for an impending catastrophe. The clock has advanced to 100 seconds before midnight. It means that humanity is getting near to self-destruction at any time.

What is the doomsday clock? The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist designed the Doomsday Clock. It serves as a warning to the public on how near we are to destroying the planet.

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In this article, you will learn all about the doomsday clock and what its purpose is.

The Doomsday Clock

A Doomsday clock is not a physical clock. It is run by a group of people called Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The clock was initially created back in 1947 after humanity entered the Nuclear age.

The bulletin was first established by a group of scientists and engineers who joined the Manhattan Project. They developed weapons used in that era. The symbolic clock was first set 7 minutes to midnight.

The bulletins consider different factors like climate change, nuclear war, and other related cyber warfare. It includes some political responses to the threats that will determine the level and how vulnerable the world will be in a catastrophe.

All of these factors will decide if the doomsday clock’s hand is moving closer or farther to midnight—a time where it means that it will be the end of the world.

The bulletin announced that this year the hands moved forward 20 seconds due to a lot of threats like climate change and the possibility of nuclear war.

Who Created The Doomsday Clock And When?

For starters, the Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. They are a group of University of Chicago scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project. They helped develop the world’s first atomic weapons.

Every year, the bulletin Board of Sponsors and Science and Security Board decide whether to move the clock’s hands or not. All the Board of Sponsors includes 13 Nobel Laureates. They are scientists who excel in the branch of Physics and Chemistry.

When Was It Closest and Farthest Away?

The clock was set initially by Martyl Langsdorf at seven minutes to midnight. He initially thought that setting it up like that will be pleasing to his eyes. The clock first made its move to three minutes to midnight in 1949 after the Soviet Union tested an atomic bomb.

The Doomsday Clock reached its farthest point back in 1991, where it is 17 minutes from midnight. It is because it was the time where the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty was signed by the United States and the Soviet Union.


Overall, a Doomsday clock is one of the rarest things available to a lot of scientists. It is one of the most recognizable tools that are easy to understand by a commoner.

Perhaps it will be subjective to show different interpretations of the clock, whether it is moving closest or farthest. Hopefully, with proper planning and caution, it will be the answer to myopia and catastrophism.