Where Is The Safest Place To Be During An Earthquake?

Earthquakes happen without warning. When this unfortunate event occurs, panic often consumes people, especially those who come unprepared. For this reason, you have to equip yourself with knowledge about where to go and how to react during this calamity.

Where is the safest place to be during an earthquake? During an earthquake, the safest place to be is where you are at the moment of the shaking. You only need to find the right things to hold on to and protect the right parts from surviving.

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The safest place to take shelter when an earthquake occurs and the goal you must put in mind are briefly discussed in this article. Read on.

The Safest Place To Go During An Earthquake

Identifying a particular “best place” to be is useless. The setting and situation during the tremor’s occurrence will always differ from person to person. And one will not be able to choose his/her preferred location in advance.

The safest possible place for a specific individual during an earthquake, therefore, is where he/she is at that moment. There’s always a lesser possibility for an individual to be injured if he/she would stay at his/her current location.

For instance, if you’re in the bedroom at the moment of the shaking, it will be hazardous for you to get out of the room and run to the living room just because it is the “safe spot.” Stay where you are, because that is the safest place.

Stick To The Goal

Any place has a chance of survival if you keep your goal in mind. So instead of knowing the safest place, let us learn a quick tip on how to survive. There is always one goal in survival: to stay alive with a few injuries as possible.

To do this during an earthquake, keep in mind that the parts you need to protect the most are your head, neck, first three bones of the spine, and vital organs.

Wherever you are during the earthquake, hold on to it. It could be a table, or grab something like a pillow, or do “duck, cover, and hold on” drill, as long as you protect these vital parts.

Related Questions

What are the unsafe rooms in a house?

The most dangerous parts of a house are the weakest and hazard-populated area. A structure’s strength and stability are often secured with four walls, therefore, any three-walled room like the garage is weak and unsafe. Any room that poses a hazard such as unstable furniture, glass fixtures, and fire-producing equipment is dangerous.

Is it true that a doorway is the safest part of a house?

This belief came from a post-earthquake image of an adobe home with only its door frame standing. It might be right for ancient wood-frame houses. But in modern houses, doorways are the weakest part of the walls. Also, you will not be able to protect your vital parts while bracing to the door frame; you are instead exposing them to flying debris. Doors could become hazards when swinging, too.


Often, calamity is not a matter of where and when, but of what and how. Knowing what to protect and how to survive can potentially save your life. Wherever you are and whenever the earthquake hits, making smart decisions helps you reduce the risk of injuries and increase your chance of survival.