Why Can’t You Flush Toilet When Power Is Out?

Power outages are common in particular areas around the world and it is always an inconvenience. At night, you can barely see anything without lights, making your home vulnerable to different risks. Aside from that, you won’t be able to use and rely on your electrical appliances for comfort and convenience, including the simple flushing of the toilet.

Why can’t you flush the toilet when power is out? If your plumbing system works on electricity, the toilet flush will not run properly during a power outage. It is because the electric pump won’t work due to the lack of power.

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A lot of people failed to prepare for an interruption to the plumbing system, especially due to power outage. If your plumbing system runs purely on electricity, this issue might also apply to you.

Find out if plumbing works or not during a power outage throughout this short read and what are the things that you can do if it happens to you.

Do Toilets Work During A Power Outage?

It depends. If your home has a gravity-fed waste removal system, you should not worry about any plumbing or toilet-related issues. These types of systems do not rely on electricity at all and use the natural force of gravity to move waste down the sewer.

On the other hand, if your water removal system is powered by electricity, flushing your toilet will become a serious matter.

In an electric waste removal system, wastes are collected into a chamber. And then it will be transferred through the pipe to the sewer. It is by using an electric pump, and without electricity or power, it won’t pump at all.

Frequent flushing will eventually damage the chamber and become full and can overflow. It can cause the sewage to back up into your basement, which you do not want to happen. It can create a mess, unpleasant odor, and expensive rehabilitation.

Preventing Flushing Issues During Power Loss

No matter what waste removal system is installed in your house, you should always have a backup—installing a reliable standby generator, also known as the whole-house generator will do the trick.

It can ensure that even though you lose power at your home, you will still have enough power to spare. Using a dependable generator will ensure that your waste removal system will work until the power is restored.

By having a standby generator, you won’t have to worry about flooding in the basement, going without hot water, or being without any appliance that you rely on.


Overall, this is a serious matter as the toilet is one of the people’s essential needs. Preparation is crucial, and it is one thing to know how to improvise. Keeping a clean place is critical when an outage happened.

While some of these particular outages can only last for just a short period, long-term outages are different. You might need to rethink differently to keep things clean and safe for everyone to use at home.